IT Consulting

Information Technology is probably the most dynamic industry in global business today. Naturally, it is ever changing and demanding in its nature. Only those who have rock solid IT solutions for all the challenges that are in tandem with the global standards can survive and out-do the tremendous competition it brings.

Mark Technologies can proudly claim it provides IT solutions that move the needle - improving business productivity and guaranteeing enterprise operations keep running at its best.

Experienced IT specialists would assess your requirements carefully and present tailor-made IT services that suit your systems; consequently, equip you to meet the IT related challenges and provide solutions for the same. The results? A complete transformation into your systems in terms of improvement and adaptability which would in turn help you not only to meet your business objectives but also achieve the profits. Our IT solutions are laid out after thorough research and orientated towards surpassing set goals effectively and helping you even many years down the road

The solutions that we offer are:

Efficient, hardworking, ingenious, trend-led, proficient with demonstrable knowledge. The IT talents we’ll source for you isn’t your average IT workforce. From spreading awareness in the market to shortlisting candidates and making interviews seamless, we put our relevant amount of experience to good use through a process that has been given time and a huge amount of hard work to provide the most qualified candidates that will not only provide what your organization lacks but will directly contributing towards its good will and at a minimal cost to your establishment.

Mark Technologies provides you with all the benefits of best-in-class IT solutions, talents, and systems minus the cost of maintaining one. Dedicating considerable resources to the cause and working just as hard, we complete requirements and free up resources for core business objectives helping you save significantly in terms of cost and time.

Ever wondered if you could get the best of both front and back end worlds? Now you can. We design sleek user interfaces on websites, develop robust servers and databases as well as write codes for mobile platforms so you can get the real deal.

Stunning visual elements, with smooth multi-channel user experience? That’s what you should come to expect from us. At a pocket friendly price, we'll combine the art of design with the science of programming to transform your business into a digital statement and the start of a new conversation.

In case you haven’t heard, we're big on application programming interfaces (APIs). And we achieve that perfect API, so you can boost your business performance

Keep out the bad guys from your computer networks. Our network security specialist lets you enjoy peace of mind.

Our nimble data management wizards prove that prompt accessibility to reliable actionable data is not rocket science. Thoroughly detailed, tailored to your needs and succinctly presented, we provide data that’ll totally lead you to the money.

The easiest way to begin any work is to strategize with a roadmap. A roadmap is the best way to kick-start your attempt with a Java full stack web developer .

Moving toward continuous delivery of software has required organizations to develop testing systems and automation that bakes continual quality checks into the development pipeline.

IT Training

Mark Technologies provides education, insights, case studies, and best practices to enable businesses maximize their IT investments. Through our instructor led courses taught by leading IT professionals and faculty, our rigorous training program and certification examination ensure that students gain the specific skills and competencies required to become IT problem bursters!

No matter how big and effective your project plan is, success comes only when you have a good team which has adequate skills. Information technology has resulted in tremendous business growth for all the sectors and sometimes businesses and individuals fall short of staff or staff that have adequate skills. Also, many times projects are delayed, do not deliver the best result, or even dropped because of the sheer lack of appropriate skills.

Allow us help you position yourself for the future of your dreams
with the right IT skills. This need not be a pipedream.

  • Hands-on training with practical examples that can be easily adapted and customised.

  • Competitive training fees.

  • Full materials are provided for courses.

  • Training can be delivered at an alternative suitable venue, or your own office. Also, we deliver bespoke training for proprietary IT systems.

  • Most training can be tailored for the specific needs of your business.

  • Flexible group size.

  • Further dates are also available on request.

  • Training programs include but not limited to: UI FrontEnd, .NET FullStack, API Management, IT security, Data Management, IT Infrastructure management and so on.

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